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Definition of à Bientôt

Translated from French to mean: “See you soon”.  Often used in a playful manner to address someone you wish wasn’t leaving. Offering currently limited to 100 bottles for each concentration.

The House Style

All of our perfumes are inspired by travel and adventure. 
The style of the house is balanced, harmonious, seamless and expresses an evolutive, sophisticated and elegant olfactive experience. 
For us, true perfume is not only an elegant accompaniment to fashion and a link to emotions, it is also a form of poetry and romantism, the expression of sensuality, and above all, a passion for enchanted scents that can transport us in time and space. 

The Story

The inspiration behind this fragrance comes from a one-year journey sailing on the Pacific Ocean. Experiencing the paradise like islands that the Pacific Ocean is famous for. 
It is dedicated to all the Pacific Island Wahines: To their elegance, strength, wisdom and the beauty of their souls.

The Perfumer’s Notes

The fragrance is an elegant, warm, floral bouquet. It is exotic and glamourous, like moonlit nights on the Pacific shores. 
Mandarin, bergamot and a crescendo of plumeria, tiare and gardenia are combined with sweet Royal Hawaiian sandalwood and dry New Caledonian sandalwood with a discreet touch of crystalized Tahitian vanilla.
The personality of this perfume is fresh, exotic and sensual.



Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Plumeria, Tiare, Gardenia, Jasmine, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla.


Alcohol, Water, 100% Plant-based fragrance.
50mL or 1.69 FL. OZ.

Additionnal Information

Cruelty free, non-GMO, Vegan, Free of Synthetic Products.
Made in USA, Napa, CA 
by Nicolas Morlet Winemaster & Nose LLC.


Eau de parfum

Concentration of 12,5% of aromatic
compounds and a longevity of at least 5 hours.
Offering currently limited to 100 bottles.


Concentration of 16% of the aromatic
compounds and a longevity of at least 7 hours.
It is the most intense form of the fragrance.
Offering currently limited to 100 bottles.

100% Plant-Based Fragrance